The Role of Art in Vastu

We all have that friend, colleague or cousin who is a staunch believer of Vastu. So, is it a myth or is it scientific? What is the hype all about? Let’s simplify it for you!

Vastu Shastra if translated in English is simply the science of architecture. It’s an ancient Indian guide to design your home in a way that it is integrated with nature and its elements, making your home a balanced and pragmatic place to live in. The science of Vastu believes that every home has its own energy. So, the aim is to simply create an abode that reflects your personal style and radiates good vibes.

You might be wondering if it is this simple, why does it involve major architectural changes which is usually inconvenient and expensive. Here’s good news for you! Vastu is not only limited to directional alignments, architecture and symmetry; art and colour theory also play a major role in this idea.

Vastu considers the house to be the living soul and aims at balancing the five elements of nature, namely Earth, Fire, Water, Space and Air to make your abode a happy place to live in.

“Colours play an important role in bringing balance to our mind and body. Certain colours raise your spirit, others calm you. Vastu Shastra suggests specific colours for each direction. So, having paintings around the house in its favourable directions, stimulates the energy in the space and influences people residing in it” says Pinky Kapoor, Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui consultant.


The strongest element of Vastu is Earth. It is believed to keep you grounded and motivated, humble and successful. Having paintings of mountains, hills, and lush green landscapes helps keep the vibe of the place energetic and progressive.

Element of Nature: Fire


The physical appearance of fire provides light and warmth. It has the power to transform energies. Art incorporating the colours of fire like red, yellow, orange and blue add life and energy to a space. Horses are one of the elements that depict fire energy as they are full of energy and always go on the south wall to gallop you away with name, fame and recognition.

Element of Nature: Water


Water is the source of life for all elements on the planet. It denotes the movement and flow of life, preventing us from staying rigid and stagnant. Putting up paintings of rivers and waterfalls embody this meaning and help channelize positive energy and prosperity.

Element of Nature: Space


The space element is the calmest and cosmically the most connected place. It is the center, holding the entire system together. Paintings of the sky, sun, moon, sunrise or sunset etc. can be the focus in this domain that will help maintain synergy with nature.


Element of Nature: Air


The element of air or wind is vital for survival. The sense of sound, touch, communication etc. are related to it, thus making sustenance possible. Forests that depict the presence of wind symbolise air energy. Similarly hues of blue help express the idea of wind or air.

Colour Theory

Colors stimulate the energy of a space and is believed to have a tangible effect on your quality of life. The living room of a home should have colours that make one feel warm and welcomed like blue, green, tan or yellow. Colours like green, pink and blue are great for the dining room as they help relax the mind and body. White, cream and light shades of pink, blue and grey are ideal for the bedrooms. Bright and vibrant colours like yellow, orange, blue and pink are great for the children’s room. Bathrooms are the most private space in a house and require relaxing colours like white, black, pink, grey, brown and ivory. Lastly, colours usually recommended for the kitchen area are orange, brown, white, cream or yellow. Vastu experts suggest that lighter and more muted colours are always better for any space.

Colours and artworks that are Vastu accordant, make your space more balanced, harmonious and spirited. It helps bring homeliness and spread positivity, making your space more positive space to live in!

Sources: Architectural Digest,  Vastu Consultant, Vastu Plus

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