5 Tips and Tricks for Aspiring Art Collectors

Visual Art has been a part of human culture since men dwelled in caves. Art has been used in architecture, public display and interior décor in all cultures across the globe. While art fascinates all, some of us feel intimidated by fine art because of myths like unaffordability, lack of knowledge and apprehension of how to start buying art.

Let’s open up your minds and get to know 5 tips and tricks of art collection for someone who is just starting out.

1. Discovering Your Art Type

Your personal art type is something that you develop through the journey of seeing art by visiting art shows, museums, exhibitions, reading art blogs etc.

Some of the different art types are abstract, classical, realistic, traditional, figurative, minimal and landscape. It is not necessary to have a single art type, you can be drawn towards a variety of styles and have a diverse collection.

Abstract Painting by Praveen Kumar
Figurative Painting by Ramesh Gorjala

2. Characteristics & Medium

Colour, form, texture, composition, intricacy, vastness and mood define the characteristics of the artwork. Some mediums are sculptures, installations and paintings. Within paintings there is oil, acrylic, watercolour, charcoal, etching etc. Character and medium are  helpful in identifying your taste and what you’re drawn the most to. While a middle aged art lover may like an intricate and classy painting, a millennial could prefer a quirky watercolour. This choice is very personal.

Oil Painting by Debabrata Hazra
Water Color painting by Pratap Morey

3. Budget

Art comes in all budgets. Popularity of an artist, medium used, its size and time of creation determine the budget of an artwork. While a Hussain’s painting might cost you a fortune, an emerging artist can be affordable for you. So busting the common myth of art being unaffordable, there are many options like art prints, new artists, small artworks by famous artists that you could seek.

4. Authenticity

Buying art from an authentic source is vital to be sure of its originality. Every artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity and you should always ask for it on your purchase. It is a signed document by the artist validating the artwork with all its details. We recommend buying artwork from a trusted art consultant, gallery or auction house.

5. Research & Research

With virtual art viewing and online art galleries, resources are easily available on the internet. It is important to keep reading and viewing art, new artists, new art techniques, art shows to keep yourself updated and develop your eye. Research is the only way that will help you be aware and recognize your individual art persona.

If you are an aspiring art collector and looking for starting out, delve into the beautiful and diverse world of art. For any art related advise you could seek help from us.

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